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40 Part-Time Jobs Websites for PhD Scholars to Earn Extra Income!

40 Best Part-Time Jobs and Websites for PhD Scholars to Find Extra Income Opportunities

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PhD programs are known for their intensive and demanding nature, and it can be challenging to balance the academic workload with other responsibilities such as work or family. Many PhD students find themselves in need of additional income to support themselves while pursuing their studies. Fortunately, there are plenty of part-time jobs that are perfect for PhD scholars. In this article, illovephd explore 50 part-time jobs that can help you earn extra money during your PhD program.

35 Best Part-Time Jobs and Websites for PhD Scholars to Find Extra Income Opportunities

  1. Tutoring: As a PhD student, you have a wealth of knowledge to share. Consider tutoring high school or college students in your field of expertise.
  2. Freelance writing: If you have a talent for writing, you can find work as a freelance writer for blogs, websites, or other publications.
  3. Data entry: Many companies need data entry clerks to input information into databases.
  4. Virtual assistant: You can provide administrative support to busy professionals remotely.
  5. Social media management: If you have experience with social media, you can help companies manage their online presence.
  6. Graphic design: Use your creativity to design logos, flyers, and other marketing materials for businesses.
  7. Web development: You can help businesses create or maintain their websites.
  8. Photography: If you have a talent for photography, you can offer your services for events or stock photography.
  9. Translation: If you are fluent in another language, you can provide translation services.
  10. Editing and proofreading: Help others refine their written work and ensure that it’s free of errors.
  11. Research assistant: Assist professors or other researchers with their studies.
  12. Event planning: Help plan and execute events for businesses or organizations.
  13. Customer service: Many companies need customer service representatives to answer phone calls or respond to emails.
  14. Bookkeeping: Help businesses keep track of their finances.
  15. Sales: Sell products or services for businesses.
  16. Video editing: Edit videos for businesses or individuals.
  17. Personal shopping: Help busy professionals or individuals shop for clothing or gifts.
  18. Vlog on Youtube: Video blogging on youtube for extra income.
  19. Delivery driver: Deliver food or packages for companies such as Uber Eats or Amazon.
  20. Painting or carpentry: Use your skills to help individuals or businesses with home improvements.
  21. Personal training: Provide one-on-one fitness training for individuals
  22. Music lessons: Teach music lessons to individuals.
  23. Writing grants: Help individuals or organizations apply for grants.
  24. Social work: Work with individuals or communities to address social issues.
  25. Marketing: Help businesses develop marketing strategies.
  26. Virtual bookkeeping: Help businesses manage their finances remotely.
  27. Consulting: Use your expertise to provide consulting services to businesses or individuals.
  28. Event photography: Take photos at events for businesses or individuals.
  29. Blogging: Start a blog and monetize it through affiliate marketing or sponsored content.
  30. Voiceover work: Use your voice to record audio for commercials, videos, or other media.
  31. Language teaching: Teach languages to individuals or groups.
  32. Customer service management: Manage a team of customer service representatives for a company.
  33. Web design: Create or maintain websites for businesses.
  34. Video production: Produce videos for businesses or individuals.
  35. Social media advertising: Help businesses run effective advertising campaigns
Looking for ways to make extra money while pursuing your PhD? Check out our list of 50 part-time jobs perfect for PhD students! From tutoring and freelance writing to social media management and event planning, these jobs are flexible, convenient, and can help you balance your academic workload with other responsibilities. Start earning extra income today!

40 Part-Time job Websites for PhD Scholars

Here are 40 part-time job websites that can be helpful for PhD scholars:

  1. Upwork:
  2. Freelancer:
  3. Fiverr:
  4. PeoplePerHour:
  5. Guru:
  6. SimplyHired:
  7. Indeed:
  8. Monster:
  9. Glassdoor:
  10. ZipRecruiter:
  11. FlexJobs:
  13. Working Nomads:
  14. We Work Remotely:
  15. Virtual Vocations:
  16. Freelance Writing Jobs:
  17. Journalism Jobs:
  18. MediaBistro:
  19. ProBlogger Job Board:
  21. Chegg:
  22. Course Hero
  23. Wyzant:
  24. VIPKid:
  25. Cambly:
  26. Verbling:
  27. Preply:
  28. Data Entry Jobs:
  29. Clickworker:
  30. Lionbridge:
  31. TranscribeMe:
  32. Rev:
  33. Speechpad:
  34. Amazon Mechanical Turk:
  35. Instacart:
  36. Postmates:
  37. TaskRabbit:
  38. Handy:
  39. Rover:

These websites offer a variety of part-time job opportunities, from freelance work and virtual assistant positions to tutoring and data entry jobs. PhD scholars can find opportunities to fit their expertise, schedule, and financial needs. These jobs can help you balance your academic workload with other responsibilities. Start earning extra income today! Happy Researching!

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Part-Time Job websites for PhD
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