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6 Tips to Prepare Successful Project Proposal for SERB CRG

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The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) was established to promote the basic research in Science and Engineering and to provide financial assistance to persons engaged in such research, academic institutions, research and development laboratories, industrial concerns and other agencies for such research and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto are the primary and distinctive mandate of the Board.

SERB aims to build up the best management systems which would match the best global practices in the area of promotion and funding of basic research.

SERB Core Research Grant (CRG)

The SERB Core Research Grant (CRG) scheme encourages emerging and eminent scientist in the field of science and engineering for an individual centric competitive mode of funding. Since the scheme provides core research support to the active researchers, the existing name Extramural Research (EMR) has been renamed as Core Research Grant (CRG). 

This article gives the 6 important tips to prepare a successful project proposal for SERB Core Research Grant (CRG).

Tip 1: Title preparation

For title preparation, List all accepted abbreviations and words that information the reviewer of the content and mission relevance.

Arrange abbreviations into a compelling and write an informative title that fits the space.

When selecting the title, emphasize the product of the research, not the process.

Tip 2: Project Summary

The project summary is the most important part of the project proposal for SERB.

The summary of proposal should be easily interpretable by laypersons.

Try to avoid writing the proposal in the last minute.

Don’t write the review background or past accomplishment.

Create linear flow of logic when linked, one after another.

Make the summary as a standalone page.

Tip 3: SERB Presentation

Try to restrict the number of slide from 5 to 8 when preparing the propsal presentation.

The first slide must be the Title with Affiliation.

Write a clearly about the proposed objective and expected outcome.

Neatly present the work plan and methodology.

List the publication details from the last 5 years which should be relevant to the proposed work.

List the detailed ongoing and completed projects (if available)

Important ->Details of budget: clearly specify the budget which is really required to accomplish the proposed project.

Tip 4: Common errors to avoid

Trt to avoid poor methodological approach in the proposal.

The proposal should not be conflict with any ethical issues.

Avoid lack of adequate justification.

Tip 5: Beware of predatory journals

Avoid Publishing your research in predatory journals

Articles published in predatory journals may be one of reasons to get you project rejected.

How To Identify Fake Journals
How To Identify Fake Journals?

Tip 6: Before Submission

Revisit the complete proposal twice before submitting. A simple error will create a bad impression at first sight.

Proofread before submission and check whether you used the correct format given from SERB online.

Also, verify all the symbols and fonts, plots etc.,

How to apply SERB CRG:

The Call for applications will be notified through the website and The application form along with a proper research proposal highlighting the research work to be undertaken should be submitted online through the website

Hope, this article helps you to prepare a better and successful CRG proposal.

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