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Top 91 Chemical Engineering Scopus Journals 2023

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Chemical Engineering Journals: Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that uses principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, and economics to efficiently use, produce, design, transport, and transform energy and materials. The are many highly reputed journals that publish chemical engineering-related research results. In this article, ilovephd listed the top 91 high impact factor chemical engineering Scopus indexed journals.

Various research fields in Chemical Engineering

  • Bioengineering
  • Catalysis
  • Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Chemical Health and Safety
  • Colloid and Surface Chemistry
  • Filtration and Separation
  • Fluid Flow and Transfer Processes
  • General Chemical Engineering
  • Process Chemistry and Technology

Scopus Indexed journals 2023

Scopus indexed Chemical Engineering journals contain more than 1,088 items like scientific articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, lecture notes, and books. Among this, the top 91 high impact factor journals are listed below.

Top Chemical Engineering Scopus Indexed Journals 2020

S.NoJournal TitleCiteScore% CitedSJRPublisher
1Nature Nanotechnology59.49015.555Springer Nature
2Progress in Energy and Combustion Science48.3968.477Elsevier
3Nature Chemistry38.2939.927Springer Nature
4Nature Reviews Chemistry36.48615.61Springer Nature
5Nature Biotechnology31.57312.565Springer Nature
6Nano Today26.8866.198Elsevier
7Applied Catalysis B: Environmental25.3944.217Elsevier
8Journal of the American Chemical Society24.8906.976American Chemical Society
10Trends in Biotechnology23.1953.096Elsevier
11Angewandte Chemie – International Edition20.8915.438Wiley-Blackwell
12Nano Letters20.5875.786American Chemical Society
13Biotechnology Advances19.8912.786Elsevier
14ACS Catalysis19.6904.633American Chemical Society
15Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews19892.527Elsevier
17Nanotechnology, Science and Applications18.5962.004Dove Medical Press
18Annual Review of Biophysics18.3947.456Annual Reviews Inc.
19Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering18.3903.106Annual Reviews Inc.
20Materials Horizons18914.798Royal Society of Chemistry
21Nature Biomedical Engineering17.8825.887Springer Nature
22Nature Catalysis17.88311.104Springer Nature
23Chemistry of Materials17.1883.971American Chemical Society
24Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology16.6942.16Wiley-Blackwell
25Advances in Colloid and Interface Science16892.066Elsevier
26Current Opinion in Biotechnology15.8932.819Elsevier
27Advanced Science15.5825.133Wiley-Blackwell
28ACS Central Science15.4814.964American Chemical Society
29Chemical Engineering Journal15.2922.315Elsevier
30Biofabrication14892.12Institute of Physics Publishing
31Catalysis Reviews – Science and Engineering14902.325Taylor & Francis
32Metabolic Engineering12.9922.885Elsevier
33Bioresource Technology12.8892.43Elsevier
36Journal of Membrane Science12.3901.898Elsevier
37Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences12.2971.423Taylor & Francis
38Tissue Engineering – Part B: Reviews12.1861.747Mary Ann Liebert
39Journal of Catalysis11.9822.256Elsevier
40Ultrasonics Sonochemistry11.8881.493Elsevier
41Lab on a Chip11.5802.491Royal Society of Chemistry
42Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science11.3891.601Elsevier
43Journal of Colloid and Interface Science11881.45Elsevier
44Corrosion Science10.7851.971Elsevier
45Food Hydrocolloids10.6882.16Elsevier
46Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine10.3881.372Elsevier
47Biomacromolecules10871.61American Chemical Society
48Electrochimica Acta10881.467Elsevier
49Chemical Communications9.8801.992Royal Society of Chemistry
50ACS Sensors9.7792.148American Chemical Society
51ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering9.7811.766American Chemical Society
52Separation and Purification Reviews9.7930.893Taylor & Francis
53Catalysis Today9.5911.328Elsevier
54Chemical Record9.5861.589Wiley-Blackwell
55Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal9.5840.75Elsevier
56Fuel Processing Technology9.5931.551Elsevier
57Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis9.3861.661Wiley-Blackwell
59Chemistry – A European Journal9861.681Wiley-Blackwell
60Polymer Chemistry9861.459Royal Society of Chemistry
61International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer8.7781.407Elsevier
62Journal of Nanobiotechnology8.7791.335Springer Nature
63Applied Catalysis A: General8.5861.163Elsevier
64Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry8.3831.095Korean Society of Industrial Engineering Chemistry
65Arabian Journal of Chemistry8.2900.779King Saud University
66Combustion and Flame8.2832.079Elsevier
68International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer8.2821.647Elsevier
69Journal of CO2 Utilization8.2841.39Elsevier
70Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers8.2850.944Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
71Extreme Mechanics Letters7.9801.698Elsevier
72Reviews in Chemical Engineering7.8921.005Walter de Gruyter
74Egyptian Journal of Petroleum7.4791.044Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute
75Bioconjugate Chemistry7.3851.266American Chemical Society
76Process Safety and Environmental Protection7.2821.103Institution of Chemical Engineers
77Dyes and Pigments7.1870.827Elsevier
78Food Reviews International7.1821.109Taylor & Francis
79Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry7851.083Elsevier
80Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science6.9831.389Elsevier
81Journal of King Saud University, Engineering Sciences6.8860.764King Saud University
82International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control6.7761.631Wiley-Blackwell
83Mechanism and Machine Theory6.5811.222Elsevier
84Proceedings of the Combustion Institute6.5872.116Elsevier
85Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling6.3791.329American Chemical Society
86Food and Bioprocess Technology5.6801.078Springer Nature
87Journal of Analytical Toxicology5.6761.297Perston Publications, Inc.
88Reaction Chemistry and Engineering5.2740.953Royal Society of Chemistry
89International Journal of Multiphase Flow5.1781.18Elsevier
90Biomicrofluidics5800.713American Institute of Physics
91South African Journal of Chemical Engineering4.5800.687Elsevier


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