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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Thesis and Research Paper?

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Plagiarism is the most common issue that every academic writer faces while writing their research paper or dissertation. The famous plagiarism checking tool Turnitin classifying the plagiarisms into 10 common types before generating the report. But avoiding plagiarism and effective paraphrasing of own ideas will reduce the similarity score in the report. In this article, ilovephd provides 5 tips to avoid plagiarism while writing your manuscript and thesis.

1. Cite a Sources for Quotation to Avoid Plagiarism

In order to fix plagiarism in general sayings and quotes the most common phrases and definitions are need to be quoted and cited without any modification.

2. Don’t Recycle Internet Content

In the era of internet, high similarities in the Turnitin plagiarism report is from internet sources, so do not copy any word or sentence from the original internet sources.

In case of citing online sources, Include the accessed date and appropriate URL in the reference.

3. Cite Pictures from Another Source

Even though the plagiarism reports can not identify similarities in images and formulas (Equations), it is a good practice to give proper citation to all the multimedia sources (Copyrighted Images, Books, Journal, Website, Video, and so on).

In the case of Creative Common(CC) images, give proper credits to the author of the source.

4. Source Citation for Statistical Data

Statistical data is more sensitive information which needs to be cited with appropriate study, survey, or research results.

Citing statistical data will improve the reliability and authenticity of the edited research content.

5. Don’t ask someone to Write Your Paper

The most common mistake done by many researchers in recent time is, hiring a writer to write a thesis or research manuscript.

Though your research results are significant and methodologies are unique if other parts of the content are copied or rewritten from various sources which can be identified by Turnitin Report.

Writing your own article by your own effort may increase your confidence level in writing as well as avoid the plagiarism.

Common Ideas to Avoid Plagiarism

  • Read and understand the original document several times before start explaining about it.
  • Make a practice to include the “references” section whenever write an academic document.
  • Cross verify all your citations before submitting your document.
  • Finally, take a plagiarism report from any one of the famous plagiarism software to ensure the originality of the written document.

Hope, this article will help researchers to know how to avoid plagiarism with these 5 easy tips.

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